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Metal Products

The Metal Packaging and Printing Division represents the company's foray into the packaging sector. This world class unit was set up in order to ensure that each in-house product was packaged in the most attractive and appropriate way.

The Division, which is totally self sufficient, uses cutting edge technology to make cans of all shapes and sizes - from round to rectangular, in addition to drum sealers. A state-of-the-art metal printing unit prints directly on to metal tin sheets. From in-house can coating material and printing inks to the in-house tooling facility, all processes including plate making, printing of the design on the can,cutting the can to size and making up of the can, are carried out on the can line.

Enabling the unit to offer made-to order cans with customised company designs as well as metal posters in various sizes. The high profile clientele includes global corporations like Tania Coffee, ORYX (T) Ltd., Africafe, Simba Glue, East African Seeds, Castrol, etc.

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