Product Features

  Long-lasting performance

  Global scale and capacity

High levels of technical expertise

Not every bodyshop has the latest technical equipment, but all bodyshops need to be able to produce good quality paint finishes, regardless of application conditions,

QUICKLINE® brand has been specifically designed to work effectively in a variety of application conditions. Using proven technology as the basis for the development of Quickline brand, the technical
team focused on deslgning robust products that make mixing simple and application easy. All leading to consistently good quality finishes.

The Quickline product range Includes a mixing scheme colour offer, a ready-mixed colour offer and an extensive selection of anclllarles enabling quality finishes to be easlly achleved on any size of repalr from winter to summer.

The fact that Quickline products are made avallable In convenlent can sizes combined with the comprehensive range of hardeners and thinners means you only purchase what you need and no more, making Quickie the cost eftective system that provides good quallty finishes.


Our supporting team are always ready to help should you have any questions concerning with our products/brands, please feel free to contact us.