Insignia is a great manufacturer of paints upholding standards, providing colorful solutions to make our beautiful continent even more colorful. Developed in Africa for Africa the quality of our products has earned confidence and trust from people across the continent and globe.

Our spirit of innovation has led to the manufacturing of multi-hued brands of paint, primers, automotive finishes and adhesives. With the spirit of innovation, we aim to produce quality product that brings your home/ space to life

Why Insignia

  • Insignia has built an extensive dealer network reaching the most far-flung towns and outposts
  • Acquired depots at strategic locations – Moshi, Tanga, Dar es Salaam, Mbeya and Mwanza
  • Today, Insignia is Tanzania’s leading integrated provider of a product range that covers the entire gamut of specialty paints, coatings and surface treatments meaning that our customers get the best of the best.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

For all surfaces there is a choice between two general types of preparation.  

Blast cleaning to SA 2.5 Swedish Standard, or SIS SA 2.5  Power tool cleaning, hand wire brushing, chipping or scraping. Mechanical power tool cleaning is preferred.

 It must be noted that all loose paint and other contamination are to be removed by grit-blasting, H.P. Washing and scraping, and washing down with fresh water.

The surface must then dry before the application of paint.  Grease and oils are to be completely removed with detergent.  For steel, wire brush corroded areas, preferably by means of a mechanical rotating wire brush, to leave the surface to standard.  

Deluxe Weather guard  

has been specially prepared for the interior and exterior decoration of walls and ceilings. Deluxe Weather guard is a low odor, low VOC* product, which carries Insignia eco-friendly logo. It can be applied directly to cement rendering, brick, stone, etc., in addition to plastered and softboard surfaces. Weather Guard possesses excellent obliterating and spreading characteristics. It contains active fungicide to retard mold growth. The porous nature of the film allows new surfaces to breathe and dry out easily.  

Galaxy Professional wall coating enamel is a flexible thermoplastic acrylic resin based coating. Galaxy Professional wall coating enamel is specially designed to meet general interior and exterior applications on concrete, brickworks, plaster rendered walls etc. It has excellent flexibility, algae, mold fungus resistance, UV resistance and excellent adhesion, and abrasion resistance. It can also be used on wood, wallboards, galvanized sheets and other steel structures.  

Galaxy Wood Primer is a supreme quality, multi-purpose primer for soft wood, plywood, and chipboards, which provides a flexible, non-absorbent foundation for gloss finishes,  brushes deep into cracks filling minor irregularities.  Suitable for interiors and exteriors, it can be used on all type soft surfaces   Manufactured from pigments and extenders incorporated in a good quality alkyd resin, Galaxy Wood Primer is durable and has good coverage, obliterating and sanding properties.  It provides a sound base for the subsequent finishing coat.   

For any complain report kindly contact us through our WhatsApp number +255 676 410 200, call us or write us an email on info@insignia.co.tz

For a rectangular room with average sized windows and doors:
Measure the length and width.  Round off each figure to the nearest half –meter and add them together. Multiply the total by the room height, then double the result. The final figure is the area of your walls in square meters. from this total subtract 1.5 square meters for each of the windows and 2 square meters for each door.  Ceiling area is the length of the room multiplied by the width of the room.

If the room is an unusual shape:
First measure the height and the width of each rectangular section to be painted. Multiply these figures to get to the area, and then add them together for the total area. A Stairwell often forms part of a triangular shape. For the area of the triangle, multiply the lengths of the horizontal and vertical legs and divide by two.

If you plan to paint the trim a different color calculates these areas separately.

Allow 2 square meters for each side of a door and 1.5 square meters for a single size window frame. A skirting board area is its height times its length (which is generally the same as the perimeter of the room.) When you know the total area, you will cove you have half the information you need to order paint. The rest depends on the covering capacity of your paint and the surface it must coat





Should you have any questions concerning with our products/brands, our supporting team are always ready to help please feel free to contact us.


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